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Rates are current to June 2012
All Rates are in American Dollars.
Please contact Ann 1 (502) 964-5120 at for All Breed Rates

Handling fees:
Toy Poodle:               $75 per show      
Miniature Poodle:    $85 per show     
Standard Poodle:     $125 per show    

show preparation:
Toy Poodle:            $50
Miniature Poodle:   $60   
Standard Poodle:    $75

Best In Show & Group Charges:
Best In Show: $600
Specialty Best In Show: $300
Group First: $150
Group Second: $100
Group Third: $80
Group Fourth: $60
Group Preparation All Breeds: $10

Toy Poodle:            $10.00 per day.
$25 per week Maintenance bath

Miniature Poodle:   $11.00 per day.
$35 per week Maintenance bath

Standard Poodle:    $13.00 per day.
$40 per week Maintenance bath

Note: Any owner requesting an English Saddle trim on their Poodle will be charged $25 extra per show. Skin and Hair treatment fees will vary with Variety and expense. Rate upon request. Airport Pick up and delivery charges $50 (Stanford Field Int KY. Airport) Cincinnati OH, will be $150.

Any dog requiring a special diet (i.e. BARF) will be provided by owner and a charge of $2 per day will be added to the daily board rate. Owners requiring special Kibble must provide food, with no additional charge.

All dogs will be sent with there own Vet prescribed flea and Heartworm control. All dogs are required to be up to date on all vaccinations including bordetella.

All expenses normally incurred during a show weekend including but not limited to: RV Expenses , fuel, parking, hotel or campground, reserved grooming and power will be split between all client dogs traveling.
Litilann’s Professional Handling
Owned by   Ann Rairigh
assisted by   Julia Kinsey
Contact 1 (502) 964-5120
Location   Located 30 minutes from Downtown Louisville and 15 minutes from Louisville International Airport.

Litilann's has built a reputation as one of the leading all breed dog handlers in the Midwest.  You have probably seen a member of Team Litilanns in the Toy Fox Terrier, Pomeranian, Afghan, Whippet, Springer breeds rings, to name a few and of course the Poodle and Non-Sporting rings.  While Litilann's Poodles call Louisville, Kentucky home,  the Team has been seen in rings on both coasts in campaign efforts for their top specials. 

Litilann's is highly acclaimed as both All Breed Handlers and Poodle specialists for their dogs are noted for always being in superb condition, happy, well trained, and excellent examples of their breed. The welfare of the dog is always Team Litilann's first priority and it shows.  The 35 plus years of experience and show record speaks for itself.
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